Electric LED regulator (regulator svjetla) with compact design and high resistance

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The headed lighting represents the most recent Development, one of some of its own advantages we could cite the extraordinary energy savings and efficacy of use, but this lighting system cannot be complete with no electric LED regulator available in three variants based on your requirements and requirements.

The LED lighting regulators Inch M EM12, 1M EM13, And 1M EM14, may be installed in public and private institutions and at the comfort of one’s home, based on the version you choose can subdued 6 or even 40 led bulbs with both 60 and 300 g, transformers classics, electrodes and on occasion the traditional transformers (RL).

Its design is designed to be electric light switch (prekidači) located and Combine whether complication, its installation panel is located to facilitate its installation. This can be a light instrument which lets you adapt the environment to your liking.

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This regulator Has an Superb leveling System want. It turns and can level the energy of bulbs of different capacities. And also you can change the model that is em-12 with all the EM11 with no problem.
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